R programming for educators at Lawrence MST
Posted on: 2014-01-02 00:17:05 by kavitha chandra
      The Vibes and Waves in Action GK-12 program started a workshop on R programming for high school teachers this week. Gk-12 fellows Cory Miniter and Jenny Au worked with the teachers from Math, Science and Technology.  This was workshop session one designed to give the teachers an overview of some unique capabilities of programming in R.  The application of mathematical and logical operations on lists or vectors without the need for creating loops was one of the programming elements we focussed on. We expect to follow up with another session soon after they turn in their assigned coding home work.
Nano particle behavior in Viscous fluid
Posted on: 2011-12-27 06:07:01 by tnabat
      Medical field have been able to advance at a very rapid pace, from advance surgeries to developing medicine to cure many diseases. However there is still many diseases which has been discovered yet we can’t find a cure, for example Cancer, HIV exedra. Due to complicity of these viruses we are still going to batle which have not have not moved forward in a right pat for these pased years. For example if we examine today treatment for cancer we will see there are only a certain percentage of cures that a medical doctor is able to achieve with such treatment “chemotherapy”, or even surgery or other kind of medical treatment. The reason behind...
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Girls Inc:Code,Create and Communicate (C3)
Posted on: 2014-12-01 20:56:47 by omudasiru
      On October 16,2014, graduate students Ololade Mudasiru, Hui Zuo and undergraduate Janki Soni, researchers from the Center for Advanced Computation and Telecommunication (CACT) started the Code, Create and Communicate (C3) workshop at Girls Inc, Lowell., MA. ( The “R” programming language was chosen to give students experience in a high level programming language that was not only open source , but currently being used for applications in multiple disciplines. The first class had twelve girls, ranging from eighth grade to eleventh grade, all...
Lesson 3: Sound
Posted on: 2014-12-01 17:51:41 by jennyau
      This past week, I've been able to introduce the concept of sound to students in Mr. Vera's Geometry class. We started the class off with a DO NOW where they graphed five data points and labeled their graph on the x-axis and y-axis. Most of the students were out of practice, so this was a good refresher. This DO NOW exercise was important because during my lesson, the students had to take live data and plot on a graph and analyze it. After the DO NOW, I asked the class what they know about sound. Then I asked them how does sound travel. The power point had a good visual moving figure of air particles moving from an oscillating drum. I ex...